Who I am, what I do, why I do it


Hi, I'm Susan Swartzwelder, business consultant and startup coach.


I started Small Town Startups because I love where I live. I consider Geauga County Ohio my back yard and would do anything to help it thrive. It is such a beautiful, small-town community full of loving, caring people.



Back in 1999, I helped a friend start a new business. What began as a favor ended up growing into a passion. Since then, I've been building a practice of helping others launch and grow their dreams. Nothing gives me greater joy than driving by the offices and storefronts of those businesses I've helped. It is a daily reminder of how connected we are in the community.


I believe that every business idea has a market, and everyone deserves a chance to turn their idea into reality. If you have a business idea that you want to make a reality, I'd love to chat with you. Schedule a free consultation now!